Ordering Terms and Conditions

Please refer to page four of our catalogue for more information or see below.

Ordering Information and Terms
Half Flats Available for 32, 36 and 72 plug flats. A $.08 per plug charge will be applied. These flats will appear as 16, 18 and 36’s respectively on all acknowledgements and invoices.
Minimum Order Our minimum order is 4 trays. 1 full tray except 32’s and 72’s (available in ½ flats).
Plug Prices Orders are payable in Canadian funds. Prices do not include HST or GST, boxing or shipping. Plugs are charged according to plug tray count.
Custom Orders Plug sizes and plant varieties not listed in this catalogue are available. Certain conditions apply. Talk to your sales representative for more details.
Royalties Royalties are NOT included in the plug prices. They are listed separately and charged separately.
Lead Time 38 – 14 weeks; 36 – 14 weeks; 32 – 14 weeks; 72 – 12 weeks; 128 – 10 weeks
Discounts 5% discount for early orders received on or before September 30th, for delivery after February 15th of the following year. Discounts do not apply to tags or royalties. Discounts are available for volume orders. Contact your broker for more information.
Cancellations Must be made before propagation. We will attempt to sell any cancelled orders, however, the customer will be billed for unsold product.
Tags Picture tags for perennial; grasses and herbs are sold at $.13 each. If large picture tags are unavailable we will provide wither small pixie tags or black and white thermal printed tags.
Tags are sold in, multiples matching the plant count.
Please take the time to order your tags when you place your plant order. We cannot assure delivery of tags with plants if tags are ordered late.
We attempt to ship tags with the plants but reserve the right to ship them separately.
A 25% restocking charge will apply to returned or cancelled tags after we have pulled them for delivery.
Boxing Boxing charge is $9.00 per box
Delivery Air freight, common carrier and customer pick-up. All products are FOB, Winfield, BC
Claims All claims concerning shipping or quality must be made within 72 hours of receipt of plants. Please notify your broker immediately with any problems.
Guarantee Bowman Greenhouses guarantees products to be true to name. Liabilities are limited to the original plug price paid.
Backorders We reserve the right to ship all backorders within 2 weeks of original ship date.