About Us

Our plugs are the best in the biz!


Bowman Greenhouses is family-owned and operated by Glen and Laurie Bowman. By using a ‘down-to-earth’ philosophy in both growing and selling, a family-style, hands-on operation is maintained with growers and brokers.


We believe in providing the highest quality plugs to our customers. A large part of this effort begins with the soil we use. All plugs are planted in soil containing Trichoderma which combats Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium in greenhouse crops. In addition, our soil contains Mycorrhizal Fungi which helps all plants absorb minerals and water from the surrounding soil. The result is a plant which is better able to tolerate stress throughout the course of its life.

The greenhouses has a computer controlled environment that operates an evaporative cooling system to control heat in the summer months and a retractable thermal blanket which helps retain heat in the winter months. Three thousand gallons per day of purified reverse osmosis water are produced in order to meet their watering requirements. Rolling metal benches help maximize space efficiency and overhead trolleys are used to increase efficiency when transporting plant material.

The Bowman family.

The Bowman family.

About Us

Bowman Greenhouses is owned and operated by Laurie and Glen Bowman. Together they produce over 2,500,000 perennial plugs per year on a five-acre parcel of land located in BC’s Okanagan valley. Starting with 300 varieties in 1997, they now grow 1300 varieties and ship their product to over 250 customers throughout North America.

The Bowman’s have found harmony in their business and marriage by dividing the numerous responsibilities. Laurie, who has a background in design, is responsible for marketing, broker relations, development of their web-site www.bowmangreenhouses.ca. Glen has earned a B.Sc., and is responsible for all aspects of growing and production in the greenhouses.

In 2002, Glen and Laurie Bowman were awarded top honours in Canada’s agricultural industry as Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers. Their success has continued to spiral upwards with the introduction of innovative product and services into the community. Some of these offerings include fundraising opportunities and design services.

Bowman Greenhouses – A Growing Sign of Success!